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Injured In a Car, Truck, Or Motorcycle Accident In The Last 2 Years Through No Fault Of Your Own?

1000s of people are injured in these accidents every day and most have injuries that deserve compensation.

The injuries sustained in these collisions can range from bruises, sprains, broken bones, catastrophic brain and spinal injuries... to death.

Yet insurance companies try to settle claims quickly and not pay the proper amount- even when the law says you may be owed thousands for your medical bills and pain and suffering.

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Tick Tock: Act NOW Before Time Runs Out On Your Case

There is a statute of limitations on how long you can wait before making a claim for a motor vehicle accident.

If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident and less than 2 years has passed, there's no better time to claim your free Case Review than now.

You may qualify for compensation for lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and pain & suffering.

Yet the time for you to take action is limited.

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You May Be Eligible for Cash Compensation If:

You were over the age of 18 when the motor vehicle accident took place.

You were not at fault and did not cause the accident.

You have documentation (including photo/video evidence, police reports, medical reports, auto repair estimates etc)

You currently do not have legal representation.

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If you've been injured in a motor vehicle, the physical injuries & emotional trauma can take years to heal. Our advice? Stop suffering in silence and seek the justice you deserve.

How To Improve Your Chances Of Maximizing Your Compensation

You may increase the odds of receiving fair compensation if you have video/photo evidence of the following:

1. Your Injuries

This includes photos of your injuries after the incident and during the days/weeks that pass while you recover. Medical records, x-rays, prescription medication receipt and other expenses should also be preserved.

2. The Accident Location

We recommended that you take photos and videos of your vehicle and the entire accident scene. This can include traffic lights and signs, weather conditions, road damage, sun glare, or other mitigating conditions. This may provide useful context to protect your claim.

3. Vehicle Damage

Photo/video evidence can paint a compelling picture of how the accident happened and who was at fault. Be sure to capture damage on the exterior and interior of your vehicle, along with any damage to your property.

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Anyone who has been injured in a motor vehicle, trucking, bike, or pedestrian accident in the last 2 years may be able to file a lawsuit and seek justice, including financial compensation for your pain and suffering.

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